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Reasons of Cuba: The Route of Terror

Important video made by international terrorist Francisco Chávez Abarca.  In this video Abarca, an agent of Posada Carriles, confesses to how much he was paid for each bomb that exploded in Havana , his direct links with Posada Carriles, the CIA, the Cuban American National Foundation and the Congress people from the anti-Cuban lobby.
He also reveals plans to assassinate Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, attacks on centers of interest in Cuba, the direct intervention in the democratic process throughout the region, the coup in Honduras and the sabotages that he was ready to commit in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in order to disrupt the electoral process that took place yesterday in that country.

In his criminal narration he details as well the plans of Posada Carriles to sink the ships that bring petroleum from Venezuela to Cuba.
This important document is being made available by Cuba to people throughout the world providing evidence of the responsibility of the United States under different administrations in this horrifying “route of terror”.

Other international terrorists also confess to their criminal actions, making this denunciation an indispensable viewing for those who work in solidarity with Cuba and their right to remain peacefully sovereign.

“The reasons of Cuba” to defend itself against terrorism becomes even clearer, strengthening the universal demand of justice and freedom for the Cuban Five who are imprisoned in the United States.
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