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Democratic Women’s Federation Demands Obama to Free the 5

Quito, Ecuador, Dec 13.- The Women’s International Democratic Federation sent a letter to U.S. President Barack Obama, adding their voices to those of the world to ask for a pardon for the five Cuban antiterrorists who have been imprisoned for more than 12 years in the United States.

The WIDF demanded the immediate release of Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo, Ramon Labañino Salazar, Rene Gonzalez Sehwerert, Fernando Gonzalez Llort, and Antonio Guerrero Rodriguez, who jailed for defending Cuba from terrorism.

Leaders of the women’s organization from nine countries who met in this capital to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the organization sent the open letter to Obama.

The imprisonment of the Cuban Five has struck the sensitivity of all of humanity, the letter reads.

It is precisely that sensitivity that will make it possible for the five families to reunite, and that reunification is the main objective of human rights law, which stipulates the welfare of the parents, children, wives and siblings who are deeply affected by this situation. (Prensa Latina)

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