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Forum of Cuban Civil Society demand the freedom of the Cuban 5


The delegates from the organizations of the Cuban Civil Society and 5 regional and international organizations headquartered in Cuba, who met in Havana City, Cuba, on December 10th, 2010, the International Human Rights Day, participants in the Forum of the Cuban Civil Society for the Freedom of the Cuban Five, agree to declare the following:

1.     The members of the speakers panel have provided the Forum with a vast and updated information on the situation of the Cuban five antiterrorists, who have been incarcerated for 12 years in US prison facilities, namely: Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, René González, Ramón Labañino and Fernando González, objectively revealing the legal violations committed during the penal process followed against them by the authorities and courts acting in the case.

2.     We condemn the human rights violations to the aforementioned prisoners, committed as from the moment of their detention, through the whole judicial process and during the time in prison and the serving of the unjust and evidently illegal sentences imposed on them.

3.     The case of the Cuban Five is absolutely political.  It has been the longest trial in the United States, silenced by the big conspiratorial press, despite the evident violations of the laws and the unjust judicial process followed against them. While the Five serve unjust sentences, international terrorists like Orlando Bosh Avila and Luis Posada Carriles freely walk the streets of Miami and are paid homage at the University of that city.

4.     It is necessary to spread the truth on the case of the Cuban Five. These Cubans managed to infiltrate themselves into the Anti-Cuban terrorist networks in Miami. Their objective was only to warn about terrorist acts to be committed against Cuba, since everyone knows that the terrorist groups that are based and act with impunity in Miami have sown the death of innocent people in our country and in other countries, planned hundreds of projects and carried out murders and sabotages to destroy our economy, spread diseases among the population and attempt through other methods against Cuba’s peace, stability and development.

5.     The holding of a rigged trial in the very territory of the Florida State, where those terrorist groups are based, despite the lack of evidence to prove that they carried out acts or sought information on US national security issues,  brought about the imposition of unjust prison sentences on them. Although three of the Cuban Five were resentenced and that the objective to override the life sentences imposed on Ramón and Antonio was attained, the new sentences are also unjust. Gerardo was condemn to two life sentences and 15 years in prison and has remained in top security prison facilities. Cuba has made the US government responsible for the lack of medical attention in the face of the serious health situation Gerardo went through when he fell ill upon being arbitrarily sent this year again to a confinement prison cell.

6.     The abuses endured by the Cuban five antiterrorists while in prison are also a flagrant violation of the human rights and of the International Pacts, Agreements and Conventions governing the Humanitarian Law. During the long time in prison, these Cuban five have faced the biggest obstacles in order to exercise their rights and have been subjected to cruel punishments, including long periods in a confinement prison cell.

7.     It is illustrative that since May 27th, 2005, the Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions of the former UN Human Rights Commission declared as ARBITRARY the detentions of these Cuban five and called upon the US government to adopt immediate measures in order to solve such situation. This decision constitutes the first questioning posed by that group on a trial held in the United States.

8.     The struggle for the freedom of the Five is a call by the international community. Organizations and personalities who have joined this demand in a gesture of solidarity in defense of this just cause, namely: social, political, governmental and parliamentary organizations, organizations of jurists and professionals, personalities from the spheres of culture and science, Nobel Peace Awarded personalities and institutions from the civil society, among others. The organizations of the Cuban civil society present at this Forum raise our voices to demand justice in favor of the freedom of the Cuban five heroes. We call upon all persons and organizations who love justice and the highest human feelings to join our demand. It is necessary that all those present increase the amount of inform on the Five’s case through e-mails or other ways to the members or our organizations, friends and families, requesting their actions in sending messages or making pone calls to the offices of the US President requesting that the five be freed through the use of his legal and constitutional powers to free them by decree.

9.     We call upon the international community and specially, upon the people of the United States, to support the Cuban people’s demand that injustice be made right by the president of that country Barack Obama. ¡Only an international solidarity will be able to make possible their return to the homeland and their families!

On this Human Rights Day, we honor the heroic attitude of Gerardo, Fernando, Ramón, René and Antonio, which symbolize the decision of our people to defend the Homeland and the values of justice, freedom and solidarity that they heroically represent. Likewise, we support the dignified and brave conduct of their families, to whom we admire and reaffirm that with them in this battle for the truth, we denounce the injustice and cruelty to which their beloved are victims.

¡They shall return!

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