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The Cuban 5 in the speech of President Raul Castro

The Cuban 5 in the speech of President Raul Castro


Fragments of the Speech of General Raul Castro Ruz, President of the State Council and Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba at the closing session of the Seventh legislature of the Cuban National Assembly, on December 18, 2010

…There isn’t the slightest willingness on the part of the United States to change its policy against Cuba, not even to eliminate its most irrational aspects.  It is evident that a powerful and reactionary minority that props up the anti Cuban mafia continues to have a major influence on these issues.

The United States not only turns a blind eye to the overwhelming call issued by 187 countries asking for an end to the  economic, commercial and financial blockade against our country.  In the year 2010, it reinforced its implementation and once again included Cuba in its spurious lists, whereby they take upon themselves the right to qualify and denigrate other sovereign States to justify punitive actions or even acts of aggression.

The US policy against Cuba does not have an ounce of credibility.  The US has no other choice but to resort to lies to reiterate certain allegations.  Some of them stand out for being scandalously false, as the one asserting that Cuba is a country that sponsors international terrorism, tolerates domestic traffic in children and women for sexual exploitation, violates flagrantly human rights and is responsible for significantly restricting religious freedom.

The US government tries to hide its own sins and attempts to evade its responsibilities when it allows that notorious international terrorists who have been wanted by the legal systems of several countries continue to live with impunity in that country while maintaining our Five brothers unjustly imprisoned for fighting against terrorism.

…April next year will mark the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of the Socialist character of our Revolution.

This celebration will be dedicated to our youth, which has never failed to be faithful to the Revolution.  Youth were those who died during the attack on the Moncada and Bayamo garrisons; youth were those who rose up in  Santiago de Cuba led by Frank Pais; youth were the Granma expeditionaries who after the fiasco at Alegría de Pío, founded the Rebel Army, and were joined by waves of other youths  from the countryside and the city, particularly by the reinforcement that came from Santiago that was personally organized and sent by Frank himself; youth were those who were members of the powerful clandestine movement; youth were those who courageously attacked the Presidential Palace and  the Radio Reloj radio station  on March 13, 1957, headed by Jose Antonio Echeverría; youth were those  who fought

heroically in Girón; youth and teenagers were those who joined the literacy campaign also 50 years ago; youth were most of those who fought against the mercenary bands organized by the CIA; youth were those who wrote beautiful pages of  courage and stoicism in the internationalist missions in several countries, particularly those in support of the liberation movements in Africa; youth are our Five Heroes who risked their lives I the struggle against terrorism and have suffered more than 12 years of cruel imprisonment; youth are many of the thousands and thousands of cooperation workers who defend the human life by curing diseases that have already been eradicated in Cuba, supporting the literacy programs and disseminating culture and the practice of sports throughout the world.

Complete text of the speech

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