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Minneapolis Cuba Film Festival 2011

Minneapolis Cuba Film Festival 2011
The Best of Contemporary Cuban Cinema
115 Main Street SE
Free Parking
$7 admission  
February 24 – March 31, 2011

St Anthony Main Theater                                                                                                                                   $7 admission

February 24th     Kangamba
Kangamba is the story of the resistance of a group of 90 Cubans before thousands of UNITA troops and South African forces, but also the story of their rescue by Cuban and Angolan forces. Kangamba is simultaneously an intimate and epic film, reflecting on men and women involved in war.

March 3rd     Lisanka
Cuba 1962. The Missile Crisis is taking place in which Cuba is balanced on the edge of nuclear devastation. The Soviets are the townspeople’ s allies as those inhabitants are living in the vortex of powerful social changes. There, Lisanka is herself besieged by the love of two young men, and then there appears a third, a Russian comrade.  A brilliant feminist film, with drama and comedy

March 10th     Will The Real Terrorist Please Stand Up
This film tells the story of fifty years of violent US attacks on Cuba from the point of view of now retired actors in real life historical drama and through rare archival footage. From the late 1950s in Cuba’s eastern mountains, the film tracks the revolution’s collision course with US policy.

March 17th    Fallen Gods
This film was Cuba’s official submission to Academy Award’s Foreign Language category in 2010. Los Dioses Rotos (Broken Gods), has become one of the most talked-about movies since it was released across Cuba in December 2009.. This passionate and beautiful film is a Cuban version of the Greek tragedy as recreated in Carlos Felipe’s play Requiem por Yarini.

March 24th      Pages From Mauricio’s Diary
This film is a magnificent lesson in sincerity. Manolo Pérez’s mind was set on a desire to confront ideas, feelings and situations that in his opinion somehow synthesize the tribulations of an ordinary Cuban during those years of conflict between the fall of European socialist bloc and the beginning of a new stage in the Revolution with the popular mobilization to rescue a child kidnapped in Miami, Elian Gonzalez

March 31st    Van Van Fever
This film is a new feature length documentary about Cuba’s most popular dance orchestra.. It is a fascinating testimony to the power of Cuban music. Put on your dancing shoes! After the film there will be a closing reception party with live band “Cubania” celebrating the music of Cuba. It will take place at Vic’s, just down the street from the theatre.

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