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Bernie Dwyer on The Covert U.S. War Against Cuba  

Co-director and producer of “The Day Diplomacy Died”, “Mission Against Terror: The Case of the Cuban 5″ and Radio Havana Cuba correspondent

The US has waged a covert war against Cuba for over 50 years, much of it under the radar of the American public. The frame-ups of the 5 Cuban political prisoners in the U.S. and the case of Miami CIA terrorist Posada Carriles illustrate this.  “Human rights” and “democracy” are used as code words for US aggression against Cuba. The “dissidents” movement in Cuba is used as a US tool to undermine the Cuban social system.

This new documentary by Bernie Dwyer and Roberto Ruiz Rebo exposes the story behind the lock up of 75 “independent” journalists, trade unionists, and librarians in Cuba in 2003 through the eyes of four ex-Cuban state agents working undercover.  The mainstream media never fully investigates the role played by the US diplomats in Cuba in controlling the “dissidents” movement. In this film  former Cuban undercover agents speak out for the first time on film about the inner workings of the dissident groups they infiltrated and the various plans, supported by the U.S. government,  that were being developed to destabilize Cuba.

Tour Schedule:

Thursday,March 31, 7pm Curtis Library, Brunswick, Maine  


Sunday, April 3,  2-4 PM, location TBA Hartford, CT
Monday, April 4, Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT,


Monday, April 4, 6-8pm New Haven, CT  Free Public Library


Tuesday, April 5, 7pm location TBA New York City


Wednesday, April 6, 7 PM  Robin’s Bookstore,110A S. 13th Street, Philadelphia

Contact: Ada Bello 215 984 8839, or Bruce Pearson 215 546 1636

Thursday April 7, 6:30pm,  Baltimore International Hostel, 17 West Mulberry Street


Friday-Sunday,April 8-10  Washington, DC

Latin America Solidarity Coalition conference,


Monday April 11,  Louisville,  TBA

Contact: Sonja de Vries 502 558 3568.

Tuesday, April 12 7pm

Black Film Center, 044 Wells Library, Indiana University, Bloomington IN


Thursday, April 14, 3pm    Dominican University, 7900 W Division, River Forest, IL

Friday,  April 15     DePaul University  TBA


Sunday, April 17  2pm,  JBD Lecture Hall, Macalester College, Minneapolis


Monday, April 18, 7pm Detroit TBA


For more information contact: Stan Smith, Chicago Committee to Free the Cuban 5  773-376-7521

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