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Irish Free the Miami Five Campaign: Leonard Weinglass, Presente!

Irish National Campaign seeking Justice for the Miami Five 
Irish National Campaign seeking Justice for the Miami Five

Leonard Weinglass, Presente!
Free the Miami Five Campaign is sad to report the passing of the preeminent lawyer of the Five, Leonard Weinglass.  Len, as he was known to everyone in the global campaign, was a tireless fighter for justice who’s soft voice and gentle manners belied a fierce determination and an acute political intellect.

We were pleased to host his visit to Ireland in 2007 when he was interviewed on Today with Pat Kenny on RTE.  The transcript of that interview stands as a fitting testimony to the power of his argument and the depth of his humanity.  The still music of justice underpinning his words is as resonant today as the day it was broadcast.

During his time here, he expressed the desire to bring his wife, who is of Irish decent, to Ireland on his next visit and to stay in the same little hotel we had billeted him in.  Alas, he never got to make that trip.  We send our sincere condolences to her and to their extended family.

Through weeks of rewrites and text amendments of an unprecedented 12 international petitions to the US Supreme Court filed on behalf of the Five in 2009, he showed enormous indulgence of our poor understanding of US law; we were constantly encouraged by his expressing delight as we added various signatories to the international brief, most notably perhaps, that of Mary Robinson.  “Wait till we tell Len about this one” was our constant boast over those weeks.  Our friends in so many other countries will have similar stories to tell.

Whilst we will no longer have Len’s encouragement along the way, and that will make the struggle all the more difficult, as Gerardo says below, we will celebrate with him in Havana on the day they are finally released.


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