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Former President Carter in favor of the freedom of the Five 


Havana, March 30.  During a Press Conference at the end of his visit in Havana former US president James Carter asked for the end of the US blockade against Cuba and for the freedom of the five antiterrorists imprisoned for more than 12 years in US prisons.

In relation to the case of the Five, Carter said that the trial in Miami for the antiterrorist fighters has been criticized due to its confused character, including criticism from the judges of the Atlanta Court of Appeals, and that is why he called for their freedom.

Carter met yesterday with family members of the Five for more than one hour where he heard first hand of the suffering that the children, mothers and wives have had to endure for the past 13 years of unjust imprisonment.

Carter also expressed his interest in eliminating Cuba from the list that Washington keeps for countries sponsoring terrorism. According to Carter this charge against the island is “unfounded”.   This charge about terrorism and Cuba has no basis and is something that the President of the United States could do.

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