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Cuban Five’s Attorney Optimist About Latest Legal Action

April 04 2011, 03 :00 pm GMT

Guantanamo’s Venceremos Newspaper–- US lawyer Richard Klugh with the defense team epresenting the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters imprisoned in the US said the injustice on the case should have a favorable ending.

   In statements to Trabajadores newspaper, Klugh said early this year he worked in Havana, together with Leonard Weinglass –who recently passed- on the habeas corpus presented by Antonio Guerrero and Gerardo Hernandez, two of the Cuban Five, who have been imprisoned in the US since 1998.

   The legal action is based on the manipulation of evidence by the prosecution including false accusations in newspapers by secretly paid journalists and the absence of legal grounds for convictions and legal mistakes committed throughout the legal process, the attorney explained.

   Klugh told Trabajadores the Habeas Corpus was usually the last step on the US federal process and it is the last legal opportunity to demonstrate the main human rights violations –carefully detailed in the documents– and Guerrero and Hernandez’s innocence in relation to the most serious charges, including the accusation on Gerardo of having shot down two
Brothers to the Rescue planes in 1996.

  Moreover, Klugh stressed that the innocence of the Cuban Five combined with the violations committed against their basic rights is something that can’t be ignored and noted that the attorneys representing the case will never give up on the battle for their release. He said if the Federal Court does not make an adequate assessment of the habeas corpus, they will appeal to the Supreme Court.

  The Cuban Five were convicted to harsh sentences after being detained in 1998 in Miami where they were monitoring terrorist acts planned and conducted by anti-Cuba groups based in Florida. Those groups have caused thousands of dead and wounded and millions-worth damages to the Cuban economy.

Source: Cuban News Agency

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