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Gerardo Hernandez Speaks with Members of La Colmenita Children’s Theater Group

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 15 (acn) Cuba’s La Colmenita Children’s Theater Group, now on
a visit to Washington, received a telephone call from Cuban antiterrorist hero
Gerardo Hernandez, who spoke with its director, Carlos Alberto Cremata, and with
members of the company.

October 14 was a special day for this successful troupe, a few hours after
arriving in that capital, in the second day of its visit to the United States,
the Web site reported.

Gerardo, who is serving two life imprisonments plus 15 years at the maximum
security prison of Victorville (California), told Cremata that he had enough
minutes to talk to him.

Moments before the call, at the official residency of the head of Cuban
Interests Section in Washington, Jorge Bolaños, there was a conversation about
the Cuban antiterrorists and the difficult conditions of their lives in prison.

At that moment, the telephone of Alicia Jrapko, coordinator of the International
Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five, rang, and she passed the telephone
to Cremata, who, from his very first words, was visibly overcome by emotion.

Among other things, Cremata spoke about the tour, and Gerardo about the film
Habanastation, adds Cubadebate.

Then, Federico, the youngest artist of the group, was given the phone, and he
told Gerardo: “I love you” and, answering a question, said: “I’m half
Argentinean, half Portuguese and half Cuban.”

Later, Andy Fornaris introduced himself to Gerardo as one of the actors of
Habanastation: “the one who lives in the poor neighborhood,” he commented, and
passed the telephone to Jose Pertierra, who represents Venezuela for the
extradition of notorious terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

It was evident that the hero was thanking him for the work he’s carrying out in
this regard, but the attorney said: “It’s you whom we have to thank… for your
sacrifice, your commitment, and for everything you do for us and for Cuba.”

The evening was closed with the performance of La Colmenita at Cuban Interests
Section in Washington, singing La Guantanamera, El cuarto de Tula, and Historia
de la silla.

Present at the performance were the diplomatic corps, his children, and Cuban
youngsters living in the US, who are participating in the Meeting for National
Identity and Sovereignty under way in the US capital.

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