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Office of U.S. Attorney opposes René González’s petition to travel to Cuba to see his sick brother

The United States Department of Justice today objected to the request of the Cuban citizen, René González to temporarily return to Cuba to visit his seriously ill brother, according to a document published by the Miami Court.

“The United States recognizes the humanitarian nature of the request made by René González, but is opposed to this request on the basis of security concerns of the FBI,” says the prosecutor’s response to the motion filed by the lawyers of the Cuban.

However, in the terms granted for parole of René, who came out of prison last October 7th, the prosecutors had agreed to the possibility of granting such a request on humanitarian grounds. That it has now been denied shows proof of bad faith.

After thirteen years as a prisoner in the United States, following a trial full of irregularities, René is now under supervised probation. He cannot return to the island for three years, although his family is in Cuba, including his brother, lawyer Roberto González, who is suffering from a very serious form of cancer.

After this answer from the Prosecutor’s Office, Judge Joan Lenard must make a final decision soon on the request that he be allowed to visit the island for two weeks.

The document presented by the Prosecutor’s Office warns that should the judge allow René to visit his brother, several conditions should be imposed:

That René give his probation officer a detailed itinerary of his trip with flight number, route and also information of where to locate him;

That René does not have meetings nor see, nor communicate with Cuban intelligence officers;

That during his absence from the District of supervision (Miami), René inform by telephone his Florida probation officer;

That the court order allowing René to travel should only do with his supervised freedom. René would also have to comply with all laws and regulations of the United States and Cuba on the journey between the two countries and independently seek and receive permission to travel;

That the terms of supervised freedom of René remain unchanged and that he has to return to the United States within the period granted in order not to violate the terms of his supervised freedom.

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