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Antonio Guerrero sent a message for 5 days for the Cuban 5 in DC

Dear friends in solidarity:

The day before my transfer from Florence to Marianna I was called to an unusual interview with an FBI agent.

I agreed to speak with him. It all transpired in a respectful manner.

One of the main points of interest in the agent’s interview was the solidarity with our cause. I noticed this from the beginning of the conversation, and when he asked directly about the solidarity movement that accompanies us, I responded that the immense worldwide mobilization for our freedom was not created by the Five. Instead it was the result of all the irregularities and injustices that were committed, in the manipulation of our judicial process by the prosecution and Miami court.

With a few irrefutable arguments, I explained that the reason for that solidarity is that many people have wondered:

Why were we placed in punishment cells known as the “hole” for a full 17 months?

Why was our evidence classified as secret and locked away where we barely had access to it?

How was it possible that the major media wrote nothing about the longest trial in the history of a Miami federal court?

And why is it that everything published about it appeared only in the local newspapers, in articles that today we know were written by journalists who received government pay?

What was the motive behind the fabrication — 8 months after our initial indictment — of a charge of conspiracy to commit murder against Gerardo, even though he had nothing to do with those events?

Why was a change of venue not granted to us, when everyone knew that an impartial jury was impossible in Miami?

How is it possible that, after the prosecutors themselves said that they could not prove Gerardo’s guilt, the jury, without asking one question, found him guilty of that fabricated charge?

Why were maximum and excessive sentences imposed on us, when not one of the Five ever had in our possession any classified documents, something we were never asked to obtain. In the trial they were not able to prove any attempt against U.S. national security.

Many people who have become involved in our situation throughout these years have also asked other questions, such as:

Why was the unanimous decision by the three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned, their decision that came after 3 years of analyzing our direct appeal, in which they found what everyone knew: that in the “Perfect Storm” of Miami a fair trial was not possible?

What consideration was ever given to the finding of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions, which declared our imprisonment as arbitrary?

Why did the U.S. Supreme Court refuse to hear our appeal, which had weighty arguments and was supported by organizations of jurists from around the world?

Why has the U.S. government not responded to the declarations of Amnesty International?

Why have Adriana and Olguita not been allowed to visit Gerardo and René?

Dear friends, there are many questions with no answer that could be logical or just.

It is enough to see Posada Carriles walking freely through the streets of Miami, participating in radio and television programs, receiving awards, to know that in that city we could never have received a fair trial, and that Cuba’s reasons for defending itself from the scourge of terrorism remain.

Each day of our imprisonment you accompany us and you give us strength. You show us there is hope for freedom and that you won’t stop fighting for a better world.

Thinking about this, these words of José Martí come to mind: “Truth is like a colossal arm, which raises up justice where men’s greed cannot reach it.”

Eternal thanks, brothers and sisters, for your support.


Five embraces.

Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez

April 7, 2012

FCI Marianna

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