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Pertierra States the Battle for the Cuban Five Might be Won in Washington

By Angélica Paredes López, Translated by JC Caballero

Radio Rebelde,  2012.04.26

“In the case of the Cuban five, its solution is precisely in Washington and not in Miami.”Lawyer José Pertierra stated to Radio Rebelde.

In statements made on phone from the US capital, the aforementioned jurist stated that “the decision about releasing the five Cuban anti terrorist fighters belongs to US president Obama given that it is in his power to sign and give them what is known as a executive clemency in order to freeing them.”

“Miami is inconsistent in relation to that type of procedure. I do think that it is really important that the approach of this legal battle should be centered in Washington given that it is where the case could be solved.” Pertierra pointed out.

While giving his opinions about the International day for the Cuban Five anti terrorist fighters unjustly condemned in the United Sates that is being held in the US capital city, Pertierra considered that “this has been a very intense week in relation to activities linked to the Cuban Five.”

Pertierra highlighted the great impact caused by the documentary entitled Que el verdadero terrorista se ponga de pie by moviemaker Saúl Landau.

“It was also organized the creation of a local committee in Washington to support the cause of the Cuban Five given that those committees exist in five different places of the world, but it did not exist here and it is now founded with the participation of many Hispanic people who are interested in bringing this case into the light.”Pestierra highlighted.

“A public forum will be held on Friday in a Latin neighborhood in Washington with the participation of some personalities to try to break the news siege on the case given that the US American people does not know yet about the case of the Cuban anti terrorist fighters.”José Pertierra added.

“This forum will deal with themes such as the US blockage against Cuba; however, the main topic is the case of the Cuban five given that the bilateral relations between Cuba and the United Sates cannot be better if this case is not properly solved with justice.” Pertierra stated.

“Pertierra criticized the decision of the United Sates in relation to include Cuba in its list of sponsoring nations of terrorism given that the United Sates is a nation where fighters against terrorism are incarcerated instead of the real terrorists ones.”

Pertierra recognized that news on the International day for the Cuban five that are being carried out in Washington are every now and then broadcast in the local mass media, although they have not gained access to the great mass media yet, which is something difficult and this is why it is so important the work carried out by the alternative mass media before the US audience.

“Just like in the case of Elián González that was won in Washington City and in the most important cities from the United States, except in Miami. The case of the Cuban five should be won in Washington,” lawyer José Pertierra stated in an exclusive interview granted to Radio Rebelde news station.

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