Greetings from the Cuban 5 for Mother’s Day

The unjust imprisonment of Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio and Fernando for nearly 14 years now, and the current “supervised freedom” of René, has not prevented them from participating in every celebration, anniversary or important date. To all the Cuban mothers and all the mothers from all over the world  who are fighting for the freedom of the Cuban 5 and other just causes of humanity, receive the love and affection of the Five Cuban Patriots on this Mother’s Day.

Translation of the text of the card:

To all our compañeras, biological mothers or mothers only of the heart, from whom we always receive the love that is so important for any struggle:


Receive our gratitude and love from the prisons of the empire,

Fernando, Ramón, Antonio, René and Gerardo

May 13, 2012


With all the love and affection of the five, I dedicate this poem I wrote on this special occasion.

Because you are part of my life
The essence of my soul
The one who inspires
The beauty of my songs.

Because for you and I can live
Walk, work and love
Because you are my prestige
My pride and my soul.

No matter where you are
You live inside me,
Even when you are so far
You live, fight, and win for me…

Happy Mother’s Day, dear sisters of all over the world!
We love you all very much!
Five Big Hugs!

Ramón Labañino

Mayo 9, 2012.
FCI Jesup, Georgia.



“La ternura mas pura”

Del manto del amor
se envuelve la ternura,
la ternura mas pura
que es lucero y es flor.

La ternura que engendra
el arbol de la vida,
la que hace que uno aprenda
lo que nunca se olvida.

La ternura infinita,
la que todo lo abre,
la que nada la imita,
la que ofrece una madre

Escrito el 11 de mayo de 2002

Cinco abrazos.


Tony Guerrero Rodriguez
FCI Marianna

10 de mayo de 2012.


Dear mother:

On this new day of celebration I want to reach out to you with my most sincere homage of admiration and affection.

The maternal love, which manifests itself so special and unique, illuminates our life and elevates us as human beings. The world would be much more cruel to the hardships imposed on us by the imperfection of our societies if it wasn’t for the shelter of your lap, the memories of your past actions, always loaded with tenderness, and the assurance of your unshakeable adherence.

I wish you a happy day, surrounded by the affection you deserve.


May 10, 2012

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