Solidarity with the Cuban 5 in Rome

Once again, the militants of the National Association of friendship Italia-Cuba Circle of Roma have expressed its solidarity with the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters imprisoned for almost 14 years in the United States. This time Roman members of the Italia-Cuba Association have chosen 5 famous places of the Italian capital to display a banner that read: “Freedom for the Cuban Five prisoners in the United States.”On this occasion, for the first time since the start of the international campaign of solidarity with the five, was exposed a banner at the famous square at Trevi Fountain, destination for hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit the eternal city.

Other places were the Coliseum, the famous and central Via dei Serpenti, the statue of the hero of two worlds, Garibaldi and the balcony of the Janículo.

Today’s event is part of the international campaign “the 5th of each month by the Cuban Five.” Once again, with this action activists, pledged to continue the struggle for the freedom of five anti-terrorist prisoners in the United States, to denounce the terrorist organizations of the community of Cuban exiles in Miami Florida and the double standards of the Government in Washington in the fight against terrorism.

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