Sign the Petition and Forward to your Friends

Dear friends,

Freeing the Cuban 5 is an important matter for working people around the world. You can take a small action to bring the issue of freedom for these five heroic men to the desk of President Obama. It may be a frustrating and complicated process to sign this petition, BUT remember the 14 years of unjust imprisonment working into the 15th. There may be a little opening at this moment. It can’t hurt; it may help. Let’s do it!

The petition asks the White House “to open an honest dialog with the Cuban government to secure the release of American Operative Alan Gross.” The message reads:

The White House has put this petition on its website. It asks the US government to open a dialogue with Cuba for the release of Alan Gross. Your signature is needed.
Open an honest dialog with the Cuba government to secure the release of American operative Alan Gross
Include potential prisoner exchanges, admissions of wrong doing, drop of the embargo as incentives to bring this man home. His employer owes it to him.
Here’s an explanation about how to sign it. We need 25,000 signatures before Dec.30:

Dear friends:

Here is how the White House Petition works. You have to open an account with them first:

1- Click on the link that goes to the petition.

2- There is a blue square that reads “Create an account”. Click on it.
3- Fill in the blanks on the form: e-mail address, name, last name and zip code (optional).
4- Read and type the gibberish they put below to make sure you are a real person and not a spamming machine.
5- Click again on the blue square at the bottom “Create an account”.

Take a quick break and go to your e-mail inbox. You are going to have a message from them to confirm that you are in fact a real person.

6- After the first paragraph there comes a long link. Click on it and you have already set up the account with them.
7- After that you have to go back to the original petition:

8- Click on the blue square which says “Sign in” and then fill in the blanks and you are all set. You’ll be immediately notified that your name was registered.

After you sign, please remember to forward it to your friends, email lists and social media accounts, too.

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