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Antonio Guerrero: Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Sept. 5, 2013
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Dear Friends,

Thinking about all your support, all your solidarity, all your love, as this 5th day dawns, on a week that we celebrate the 15th anniversary of unjust imprisonment, I endorse the words of René and wrote these simple verses, dedicated, with infinite appreciation and eternal gratitude, to you:


Under the rain of time,
between our two wounds,
which the light passes through
tie a yellow ribbon.

On the balcony of your dreams,
on the tree on the corner,
on your door that is my door
tie a yellow ribbon.

For the world to see
like a flower extended
to the tip of a star
tie a yellow flower.

Although I know how much you love me,
how much your life is my life;
although I know that you await me
tie a yellow ribbon.

Five strong hugs.
We will win!

Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez



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