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Sept. 12, Rally in Chicago in Support of the Cuban 5

15 Anniversary of unjust incarceration
Rally to Free the Cuban 5

No surprise to people in the U.S. (where the incarceration rate is the world’s highest and news of frame-ups, torture, and long imprisonments of innocents are routine) that Washington has abused Five Cubans with 15 years of SuperMax imprisonment and denials of family visits after framing them on charges of “spying” – even though it admits they never touched a single classified document, nor even tried to.

Even less surprise because it’s part of Washington’s implacable hostility to Cuba since its 1959 revolution, the same policy economically blockading the island and denying us our Constitutional right to travel there.

Antonio, Fernando, Gerardo, Ramon, and Rene committed the “crime” of blowing the whistle on “anti-Castro” paramilitaries carrying out terror bombings against Cuba and its supporters from their bases in Miami.  (Yes, they’re known world-wide by the first names –except in the U.S. where their case is widely blacked-out by the media.)

Dozens of parliaments around the world, ten Nobel Laureates including Nelson Mandela and former U.S. president James Carter, and UN Human Rights Commission have called for their freedom.

Please join them and us:

Thursday September 12,  4:30-6pm
Federal Plaza, Dearborn and Adams

Organizations supporting this peaceful/legal demonstration on September 12th include: Chicago Committee to Free the Cuban 5, Chicago Cuba Coalition, National Boricua Human Rights Network, Chicago National Lawyers Guild, ANSWER Chicago, March 19th Antiwar Coalition, Sociallist Workers Party, Venezuela Solidarity Committee

This notice distributed in solidarity by the Chicago Cuba Coalition, you’re encourage to text or call us  312.952.2618 or to email Chicago Committe to Free the Cuban Five

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