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U.S. Religious Leaders Request Exclusion of Cuba from Terrorist List

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HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 23 (acn) U.S. religious leaders asked President Barack Obama to exclude Cuba from the annual list of countries Washington considers to be sponsors of terrorism and urged him to normalize relations with the Caribbean nation.

“Cuba is not a state sponsoring terrorism and its inclusion on that list is widely considered a mistake that dates back to old political tactics,” asserted on a letter Reverend John L. McCullough, president of the World Service of Churches and leaders of protestant, orthodox, catholic and ecumenical institutions, the Granma newspaper reported on Wednesday.

In spite of the growing condemnation at a world level, the White House maintained Cuba this year on that list, although it acknowledged once again that there are no indications that Cuban authorities provide violent groups with weapons or paramilitary training.

Likewise, the clerics urged Obama to begin talks, “direct and of high level,” with the Cuban government and take concrete measures to improve bilateral relations.

They also urged the U.S. President to use his executive authority to eliminate all limitations to the people-to-people contact.

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