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9th Colloquium for the Five

By Germán Veloz Placencia, Granma    November 15, 2013

HOLGUIN.—The exposition Yo me muero como viví, comprising 15 watercolors in which one of the Five, Antonio Guerrero, captures moments of the first months of their unjust and cruel imprisonment, was a strong preamble to the 9th International Colloquium for the Liberation of the Five and Against Terrorism, which began November 12 with friends of Cuba from all parts of the world.

Tony Guerrero’s paintings were supplemented by anecdotes contributed by the other anti-terrorist fighters, giving those present a full idea of the moral dimension which has made it possible for them to resist and become symbols of the struggle against the hostility revealed by the vengeful attitude of imperialism given its failure to destroy the Cuban Revolution.

After touring the exhibition, Evelio Quevedo Fernández, representative of the Cuba-nos por Cuba Group (based in Sweden) and a member of the International Committee for the Five, said that the colloquium must concentrate on the organization and promotion of actions within the United States, where the system is doing everything possible to have the case of the Five ignored.

He recalled his participation in the recent Five Days for the 5, organized in the U.S. capital, where he perceived the wall of silence imposed. “The scant knowledge of the situation of the imprisoned compañeros can be seen in the people and politicians, as we were able to confirm in dozens of meetings with Congress members.”

He affirmed, “Their cells will only be opened when everyone knows the truth. For that reason those of us who were in Washington made every effort to explain the details of the case. We also gave out postcards and organized other propaganda actions. The march on the White House was very important.

Among the greatest obstacles to be overcome in the United States is the position of the media, which he described as right wing. “They manipulate and omit realities. The problem is Cuba and what it represents,” Quevedo emphasized.

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