Message from Ramón Labañino to the 9th Colloquium

Granma     November 21, 2013

DEAR sisters and brothers,

This 9th Colloquium for the freedom of the Five really has been special given the even larger attendance of brothers and sisters from all over the world, for the enthusiasm and initiatives, for the effort, but, above all, for the great love with which you undertake all your work for the good of Cuba and everyone.

Our brother René has also been present at this colloquium: our vanguard, “our first abanderado” (standard bearer), as Gerardo would say. With René goes always the fraternal and grateful embrace of the Five, our very presence. He represents five men who have decided to dedicate our lives to the good work of saving lives, of avoiding wars. He also represents all of our people, the constant struggle to create this better world for everyone and for the good of everyone in peace.

We were born being five and we will eternally be five!

There, with the presence of our René, of our families, we wish to send you all our gratitude and our optimism in the final victory and the embrace of the Five which, one day, we will be able to give you personally.

We have read and analyzed every press article and commentary to have emerged from this great event and it moved us to read the words of a sister of our people when she received a visit from our family members on a rainy day.

It is true. The rain of the homeland calls us to its heart! It is the moment! For that, we need a strong and infinite rain of solidarity, of battle, to demand justice until we attain the final victory and can meet and all of us enjoy a new sunset.

We are convinced we will win!

A strong and invincible embrace from the Five!

! Hasta la victoria siempre!

FCI Ashland, Kentucky.
Nov. 15, 2013. 9:27 pm.

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