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Message from the Cuban Five to honor Nelson Mandela

The following messages were issued by members of the “Cuban Five” to honor the late anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela

Gerardo Hernandez

Those who dedicate unlimited resources to erase and rewrite the history of Nelson Mandela, those who had him on their list of “dangerous terrorists”, today will suffer from collective amnesia.

Those in the city of Miami who insulted him by denying him homage because he embraced Fidel and thanked Cuba for its aid to Africa, today will have to sit in embarrassed silence.

The Cuban Five will continue facing every day our unjust imprisonment, until the end, inspired by his example of unwavering loyalty and strength.

Eternal Glory to the great Nelson Mandela!

Gerardo Hernández Nordelo
United States Penitentiary, Victorville, California
December 5, 2013

Ramon Labañino

We feel a great sorrow for the passing of our brother and guide in life: Nelson Mandela. He was and will always be the real example of freedom, of peace, of victory. His world stature as leader, as a symbol of justice and optimism, will accompany us forever. His light will remain permanently in the soul of each honorable human!

To his family, friends and the beloved people of South Africa, we extend — on behalf of the Five, our families and all the Cuban people — our condolences and solidarity at this time and always.

Ever onward Mandela!
Five infinite embraces!

Ramón Labañino
FCI Ashland, Kentucky
December 6, 2013. 7:54 A.M

Antonio Guerrero


Dear friends:

I read Gerardo’s message, which conveys the feelings of we Five, and a small photo of Nelson Mandela comes to my mind, which somehow Gerardo was able to obtain when we suffered those first 17 months of total isolation.

That example of loyalty and resistance of Nelson Mandela helped us overcome those extremely hard conditions.

Gerardo guarded that photo fervently. I’m not sure if somehow the
guards found it and threw it away. In the cell searches, in the hole, we could lose the few belongings we had.

But ideas cannot be killed or discarded. They never die.

Nelson Mandela will live forever in the heart of all of us who dream and struggle for a better world of peace and solidarity.

Antonio Guerrero
Marianna Federal Prison
December 6, 2013


Fernando Gonzalez

A giant of resistance and dignity has died. Nelson Mandela represents an example for all  men and women from all over the world who are willing to fight and make any sacrifice to achieve justice.

The people of South Africa, where Nelson Mandela was born and grew up, were honored by giving mankind a son of such moral stature.

For those who have had to suffer in prison for political reasons Mandela has always been an example to imitate and a source of inspiration that deserves the greatest respect as a symbol of resistance and victory.

The whole world today is saddened with the news of his death while it pays tribute to an exemplary life devoted to struggle and sacrifice for his people.

To the family of Nelson Mandela and the people of South Africa, we send you the sympathy and solidarity of the Five.

Nelson Mandela, Presente!

Gerando Hernandez
Ramon Labañino
Antonio Guerrero
Rene Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez


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