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European campaigns united around the Commission of Inquiry

The International Commission of Inquiry has united the solidarity movement for the Cuban Five in Europe. Already registrations for the event are arriving from Europe – including Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Germany, France and Spain. Groups across Europe are campaigning around all aspects of the Commission. They are asking their members to send messages to the website; they are winning new endorsers for the Commission; and financial support has started to roll in.

Messages posted on the website at come from every country in Europe – from Austria, Denmark, France, Finland, the Netherlands, Serbia, Ukraine, Switzerland and many others.

Successful European collaboration has ensured a number of internationally known names are on the list of endorsers. For instance, support from Günter Grass, the Nobel Prize winner for Literature, came from the efforts of campaigners in Germany. Actor Willie Toledo and the President of the Peace Culture Foundation and former Director General of UNESCO, Federico Mayor Zaragosa, joined the list after shared efforts by supporters in Belgium and Spain. And it was due to the intense lobbying activity of the solidarity movement in Sweden that six noted individuals, including two distinguished actors and directors, several parliamentarians and a prominent lawyer, decided to become endorsers of the Commission.

Equally with funds. Belgium has topped the list, but Sweden, Italy, and Germany have all worked hard and have sent in financial support for this important event in Europe. And funding from other European countries such as Greece, Switzerland and Ireland will arrive in the coming weeks. In addition to funds raised collectively by the group, individual members and friends are being encouraged to donate on the website at .

The solidarity movement of Sweden and Belgium are presently organizing delegations to attend the Commission. They will include respected national personalities who support the Cuban Five, and a delegation of MEPs from Spain, Italy and Portugal will be welcomed in London. Similarly in Ireland, a delegation of 15 registered on the first day registration opened. Other groups in Europe are being encouraged to follow suit and to register now at

This European unity around the Commission of Inquiry shows how steps towards the “jury of millions” which will ultimately bring justice to the Five can be taken. And a loud united voice from Europe for Freedom for the Five is fitting – after all the Commission came out of a meeting of the 2012 European Solidarity Conference in Berlin, with a proposal from Jan Fermon of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers and the Belgian solidarity movement ICS.

With all of this hard work, the event will without a doubt be the most significant event in Europe to date. But while it will be a European event, its significance will be international, something that Obama will not be able to ignore!,

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