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George Galloway MP sends trilingual message for the Cuban Five and Commission

British MP George Galloway – longstanding friend of Cuba – is urging the widest support for the International Commission into the case of the Cuban Five and says this year is critical in obtaining their long-delayed freedom.

He joins a host of international figures from the worlds of politics, culture and the arts in backing the Commission, and his message can be seen here (subtitled in Spanish)

George is also world renowned for his decades of campaigning for the Palestinian and wider Arab cause. He is known especially to many Muslims for his unwavering opposition to attempts to scapegoat and vilify Islamic communities across the globe.

In a special additional message aimed at an Arab and Muslim audience George draws the links between the fight for justice in the Middle East, the campaign to free the Cuban Five and support for the progressive changes sweeping Latin America, which Cuba pioneered half a century ago.
“For all those who recognise the purity and justice of the Palestinian cause,” says George, “I have a simple message: the struggle to free the Miami (or Cuban) Five is your fight too.

“There are great bonds of friendship between those struggling for progress in Latin America and those in the Arab and Muslim worlds. It’s not only that both face the imperialist and colonial mentality of the US and its allies.

“The links and solidarity are direct. They range from the visit by Comandante Che Guevara to an Algeria newly freed from French colonialism in the 1960s, at the cost of over one million martyrs, through the stand taken by Fidel and Cuba in support of the Palestinian struggle, to the repeated practical solidarity with the Arab cause delivered by our fallen friend Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

“When it came to the devastating earthquake in Kashmir, it was – as it so often is elsewhere – the Cuban medical brigades that were first in and last out.

“Now new generations need to build on those foundations of solidarity and friendship. I’d urge the maximum participation in and support for the International Commission in London from Arabs, Muslims and all who hold the causes of Palestine and peace in the Middle East dear.”

George’s special message, subtitled in Arabic, can be seen here

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