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Parliamentarians from across the globe back Cuban Five Commission

Historic inter-parliamentary meeting to take place in House of Commons, London

Scores of parliamentarians from around the world have endorsed or added their voices for the International Commission of Inquiry into the case of the Cuban Five.

The countries they represent range from Ireland to Belgium, Russia to Argentina, El Salvador to Italy, and, of course Cuba.

They include high profile and senior members of parliaments and national assemblies. Heading the growing list are Ricardo Alarcon, former president of the Cuban National Assembly, and Miguel Angel Martinez, vice-president of the European Parliament.

British parliamentarians – MPs and Lords, including Baroness Angela Smith, chair of the All Party Group – will host an historic gathering with their international counterparts in the House of Commons on Thursday 6 March, on the eve of the opening of the Commission’s proceedings.

The number, range and seniority of the legislators’ voices for the Cuban Five are an indication of the growing support for and awareness of the international campaign. It also adds powerfully to the pressure on the US political establishment finally to do the right thing and end the injustice.

The meeting in Westminster will assess the status of the campaign at the political level and look to ways to develop it further in this crucial year for the Five.

In Europe there is growing pressure for the European Union to follow 17 of its member states in shifting away from the two-decade old obstructive policy towards Cuba, which was adopted in 1996 at the behest of the then US administration.

So the backing of the vice-president of the European Parliament for the campaign, Miguel Angel Martinez – who is elected from the Spanish state – is both powerful and timely, coming as it does in a year when the parliament is up for election.

Baroness Angela Smith says, “With many international visitors attending the Commission, supporters of the Miami Five in the British Parliament were delighted to host a working meeting for colleagues from other countries.

“I’m sure it will strengthen the political campaigning and help to build on the path-breaking initiative of the Commission, whose proceedings and report will provide powerful ammunition on the political and diplomatic front for the Five.”

Parliamentarians supporting the Commission can be viewed at

We invite all European solidarity groups to invite their national MPs who worked with them during all these years in the struggle to free the Cuban Five. For them it could be very good occasion to interact with other MPs and get first hand information about the campaign at this historic meeting. If you want more information dont hesitate and contact us at

The House of Commons meeting will be additionally be open to any MPs, Lords, Assembly members and legislators who wish to find out about this huge miscarriage of justice.

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