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Stephen Kimber Brings the Real Story of the Cuban 5 to Northern California

As it has been throughout this long struggle to free the Cuban 5, when people hear about the case for the first time they are shocked to hear about such a huge injustice here in a country that promotes itself as being so democratic and fair. For eight days Stephen Kimber author of What Lies Across the Water, The Real Story of the Cuban Five, has captivated audiences in community events and college campuses in Northern California with the truth about 5 men who came to the U.S. armed only with the conviction to protect their country against terrorist attacks organized in Southern Florida.

While the tour had many highlights perhaps the most rewarding were the events held in the universities and colleges. For example at San Francisco State a large class that teaches community organizing produced an energetic discussion about why it is important to be concerned about the Cuban 5 and linking them with all the problems of injustice and inequality here in the U.S.  At Chabot College in Hayward basic questions about why would the corporate media keep the public in the dark about the Cuban 5 were asked, and others questioned the bigger picture about why is the U.S. so irrational when it comes to Cuba. At the College of Marin student activists in the Students for Social Change were interested in how to get involved and during the discussion started planning about how they were going to do an event featuring Antonio Guerrero’s exhibit  ” I Will Die the Way I’ve Lived”  and a screening of the late Saul Landau’s movie, ” Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up”.

The tour of Stephen Kimber in Northern California was organized by the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5. The Canadian professor and writer will continue his book tour by moving on to the Pacific Northwest for a series of events including participating in the 100th consecutive monthly picket action in front of the U.S. Consulate in Vancouver on March 5 organized by the Vancouver Committee to Free the Cuban 5

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