Stockholm: Veiled Emotions Solidarity for the Cuban Five

A number of recent events have aroused the interest of us who from different corners of the world express our solidarity with Cuba and the case of the Cuban Five: the visit to Cuba and press conference by U.S. congressmen, as well as the statements from US economic and religious personalities. Another item of interest is the statement of the wife of Alan Gross (USAID agent sentenced to 15 years in prison in Cuba) when she accuses the authorities of the White House for abandoning her husband to his fate. She is supported by a part of the Jewish community in the U.S., in the proposal of swapping the freedom of by her husband by that of Ramón, Antonio and Gerardo.

Another news that surprised and delighted us was the recognition of the Cuban Five at the Twelfth Human Rights Award by Global Exchange, when they won the People’s Choice Award category. María Eugenia Guerrero, Antonio’s sister, traveled to the U.S. to receive the award and gave a moving speech. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time a family member of the Cuban Five speaks publicly on behalf of them in the U.S.

With this positive and encouraging news, the Association Cubanos por Cuba, the Swedish- Cuban Association and the Free the Five Committee joined forces to plan, promote and carry out on May 10 a beautiful and emotional solidarity event in Stockholm. A long list of organizations and individuals committed their best to make this event (aimed to support the 3rd “Five Days for the Cuban 5” to be held in Washington DC from 5 to 11 June) successful in all aspects.

In an atmosphere of cordiality, we once again were made aware of the validity of the collective commitment in Stockholm for the cause of the Cuban Five. The people attending the event, the representatives of Latin American organizations and alternative media (who collaborated in the development and promotion of the event), and the artists presenting a display of poetry, music and dance, gave a higher dimension to the concept of solidarity.

As a finishing touch, the considerable sum of money raised during the event has already been sent to its destination, and we are happy to announce that it has been received by the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5.

When we say that we assume the task to free the Cuban Five with great pride, we believe to express the feelings of all those who supported us in this event, and those to come in the future.

We send our greetings to the Cuban Five, their families, and all those who support this noble cause all over the world. It’s time to end this criminal injustice.

We will not rest until all the Cuban Five are back in Cuba!

Free the Five Committee, Stockholm

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