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Freedom of Cuban Five Depends on Political Will

Havana, Jun 2 (Prensa Latina) The release of three anti-terrorist Cuban fighters still held in US prisons depends on President Barack Obama”s political will, Fernando Gonzalez. Stated today.

Gonzalez, who recently fully served his 19-year prison sentence accused of espionage, highlighted in a press conference the significance of the Third Event of Solidarity for The Cuban Five that will run in Washington on June 4-10.

He said this is the most important moment in the struggle to put an end to injust, harsh sentences given to these Cubans of up to two life sentences plus 15 years in the case of Gerardo Hernandez.

He said this meeting has gained in participation of leading political and legal figures from severla countries, as well as intellectuals and activists of solidarity with The Cuban Five, as these heroes are internationally known.

According to organizers of the event, attendees are expected to include political scientist Ignacio Ramonet, actor and activist Danny Glover, Reverend Edgar Palacios, and Wayne Smith, former Chief of the US Interest Section in Havana under President Jimmy Carter.

The knowledge about the issue within US society is insufficient, commented Fernando, but he considered that it is gaining momentum through increasing efforts made by different committees of international solidarity.

He said that the exchange of the three Cuban counterterrorist fighters, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino and Antonio Guerrero, who remain in prison, by US citizen Alan Gross, who is held in Cuba for violating national laws as a foreign agent, is in the hands of the United States.

Hew said that failing to exchange them is indefensible by the White House, taking into account that recently that nation exchanged a US sergeant for five Afghan prisoners who had been held in the naval base of Guantanamo.

Fernando said that activities of this Third Event for the Cuban Five will include a meeting with media organizations, masterly lectures and a panel on the history and current situation of Cuba-US relations will be held.

Besides, a demonstration outside the White House and meetings with several Congress members have been also scheduled.

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