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Bachelet Asked to Push Obama on Human Rights for Victor Jara and the Cuban 5

Chilean Political and Social Forces Urge President  Bachelet to Intercede with Obama to Demand the Extradition of the Murderer of Víctor Jara and for the Freedom of the Remaining Cuban 5.

A number of political and social forces from Chile has requested President Michelle Bachelet to raise the demand to Obama for the extradition of the murderer of Víctor Jara and for the freedom of the 3 Cuban anti terrorists remaining in US prisons. The request was in a letter that was delivered to President Bachelet on June 25, 2014 and contained more than 220 signatories on behalf of the Chilean people. Included in the signers were 11 parliamentarians, 6 mayors, 112 city council members, 41 artists and intellectuals, 12 trade unions, human rights organizations and lawyers, as well as 44 Chilean citizens.

Below is the letter followed by the list of signers.

Ms. Bachelet Jeria

President of the Republic of Chile

The people and organizations who have signed below, who are national representatives of varied sectors of Chilean society, are asking that at your next meeting with the President of the United States you ask him to initiate the process for the expulsion from American territory of Pedro Barrientos, a proven perpetrator of the murder of Victor Jara, so he be tried in Chile. We also request you ask for the immediate release of the three Cuban antiterrorists who remain unjustly imprisoned in the United States for sixteen years.

President Obama, who is a lawyer and also was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, has the legal authority and moral responsibility to fix these two serious attacks against justice and law. We are joining the organizations and personalities from around the world who have been demanding this for countless years.

We believe that the time has come for the American leader to honor the prize which he was awarded and release the three remaining members of the Cuban 5. These men are heroes who penetrated terrorist gangs that operate in Miami gathering valuable information about terrorist activities in American territory, thus avoiding new attacks against the lives of Cuban and American citizens. The information they gathered was given to the FBI by the Cuban government in 1998, however instead of arresting the terrorists the US government proceeded to imprison the Cuban agents.

In a curious double standard those who display patriotism and love for human life were imprisoned and we have no doubt that if these men were American citizens they would have been honored by the President and given awards for being heroes.

Today three of these heroes are still imprisoned, one of them, Gerardo Hernández, has been sentenced to two life sentence plus 15 years in prison, the other two, Antonio Guerrero and Ramón Labañino, were sentenced to 22 years and 30 years respectively. These are abhorrent convictions that many lawyers in the world and even Amnesty International have spoken against.

And while these three fighters for peace are kept in prison, the assassin of Victor Jara walks freely in the streets of the United States and has even been granted US citizenship.

Today with falsified documents Pedro Barrientos enjoys the protection of the U.S. Government as a citizen of that country.

These two cases deeply hurt the sensitivity of Chileans who have permanently struggled in favor of justice and human rights, not only in recent times, but throughout our history. In many moments of our history our country has been refuge against inequality and injustice, and through our dignity we have served as an “asylum against oppression”.

We are appealing to you, with our long tradition of justice and respect for human rights, to intercede with President Obama with the purpose that he grant the immediate release to the remaining members of the Cuban 5 and put the killer of Victor Jara in the hands of the Chilean justice so that he be tried in our country.

We sincerely hope that you pay attention to this request and that you can hand this letter to the President of the United States at the next meeting you have with him.


Chilean movement of solidarity with Cuba.

Santiago, May 2014



Alejandro Navarro , Senador
Chemira Pacheco, Diputada
Camila Vallejos, Diputada
Cristina Girardi, Diputada
Carol Cariola, Diputada
Denise Pascal Allende, Diputada
Guillermo Teillier, Diputado
Hugo Gutiérrez, Diputado
Daniel Núñez, Diputado
Lautaro Carmona, Diputado
Gabriel Boric, Diputado


Daniel Jadue, Alcalde de Recoleta
Mario Palestro, Alcalde de San Miguel
Claudina Núñez, Alcaldesa De Pedro Aguirre Cerda
Rodrigo Sánchez, Alcalde de La Ligua
Isaías Zavala, Alcalde de Diego de Almagro
Bernardo Leyton, Alcalde de Canela
Elena Díaz Hevia, Concejal de Arica
Pedro Cisternas Flores, Concejal de Iquique
Francisco Cabezas Cortés, Concejal de Pica
Joaquín Ramírez Salgado, Concejal de Pica
Darío Quiroga, Concejal, Concejal de Calama
José Mardones, Concejal de Calama
Elivia Silva, Concejal de Antofagasta
Luis Barriga, Concejal de Caldera
Aldo Tapia Donoso, Concejal de Chañaral
Rosa Ahumada Campusano, Concejal de Copiapó
Egidio Masias Concejal de Diego de Almagro
María Torrejón, Concejal deDiego de Almagro
Ramón Núñez Pérez, Concejal de Diego de Almagro
Alfonso Cortés, Concejal de Monte Patria
Ricardo Rojas, Concejal de de Ovalle
Manuel Angel Navarro, Concejal de Canela
Néstor Valle Tapia, Concejal de Canela
Hugo González González, Concejal de Illapel
Carlos Meneses Toro, Concejal de Catemu
Miguel Angel Cisternas, Concejal de Llay Llay
María Victoria Rodríguez, Concejal de Los Andes
Carlos Gallardo Lobos, Concejal de Putaendo
Ricardo Covarrubias, Concejal de San Felipe
Mario Alvarado, Concejal de Cabildo
Cinthy Miskulini, Concejal de La Calera
Ana Ardiles, Concejal de La Ligua
Hugo Díaz Tapia, Concejal de La ligua
Oscar Belmar, Concejal de La Ligua
Juan Antonio Rivera, Concejal de Nogales
Ignacio Villalobos, Concejal de Petorca
Orlando Montes, Concejal de Petorca
Iván Vuscovic, Concejal de Valparaíso
Raúl Alvear, Concejal de Villa Alemana
Víctor Andaur, Concejal de Viña del Mar
Mario Pérez Barrera, Concejal de El Quisco
Maximiliano Miranda, Concejal de San Antonio
María Recabarren, Concejal de Curacaví
René Henríquez, Concejal de Coltauco
Marco Moreno, Concejal de Machalí
Danilo Jorquera, Concejal de Rancagua
Álvaro Román, Concejal de Navidad
Manuel Valenzuela, Concejal de Paredones
Felipe Bustamante, Concejal de Pichilemu
Mario Morales, Concejal de Pichilemu
Pedro Zúñiga, Concejal de Santa Cruz
Raimundo Peñailillo, Concejal de Empedrado
Vladimir Albornoz, Concejal deMaule
Sixto González, Concejal de Talca
Leonidas Peña, Concejal de Curanilahue
Francisco Javier Yevenes, Concejal deLebu
Gloria Valderas, Concejal de Lebu
Alex Iturra, Concejal de Concepción
Luis Carriel, Concejal de Hualqui
Tamara Concha, Concejal de Lota
Vasili Carrillo, Concejal de Lota
Humberto Quezada, Concejal de Tomé
Víctor Sepúlveda, Concejal de Chillán
Francisco Fonseca, Concejal de San Rosendo
Francisco Huircaleo Concejal de Lumaco
Aldo Retamal, Concejal de Los Lagos
Javier Callis, Concejal de Paillaco
José Aravena, Concejal de Paillaco
Rodrigo Cosimo, Concejal de Valdivia
Ramón Andrade, Concejal de Calbuco
Alberto Ruiz, Concejal de Frutillar
Rolando Muñoz, Concejal de Palena
Rodolfo Norambuena, Concejal de Ancud
José Aburto, Concejal de Castro
René Vidal, Concejal de Castro
Elisa Uribe, Concejal Puqueldón
Pedro Barría, Concejal de Quellón
Cristian Saldia, Concejal de Chile Chico
Juan Catalán, Concejal de Coihaique
Alfonso Coñoecar, Concejal de Natales
Pedro Davis, Concejal de La Reina
Paula Mendoza Bravo, Concejal de Ñuñoa
Jaime Castillo Soto, Concejal de Ñuñoa
Eduardo Topelberg Kleinkopf, Concejal de Ñuñoa
Alejandra Quevedo Díaz, Concejal de Ñuñoa
Alejandra Placencia, Concejal de Ñuñoa
Luis Vicencio, Concejal de Santiago
David Peralta, Concejal de La Florida
Luis Ayala, Concejal de la Pintana
Juan Urra, Concejal de Peñalolén
César Bunster, Concejal de Puente Alto
Ricardo Montero, Concejal de Conchalí
Luzmenia Toro S, Concejal de Huechuraba
Elena Salazar, Concejal de Independencia
Víctor Arias, Concejal de Quilicura
Juan Pasten Tapia, Concejal de Recoleta
Luis González Brito, Concejal de Recoleta
Silvia Contreras, Concejal de Renca
Cornelio Báez, Concejal de Til-Til
Felipe Martínez, Concejal de Cerrillos
Judhit Rodríguez, Concejal de Cerro Navia
Felipe Zavala J, Concejal de Estación Central
Silvia Valdivia, Concejal de Lo Prado
Ariel Ramos, Concejal de Maipú
Tamara Homel, Concejal de Pudahuel
Luis Díaz, Concejal de Quinta Normal
Danilo Salazar, Concejal de Alhué
Hugo Lazo, Concejal de Alhué
Margarita Urra, Concejal de El Bosque
Sergio Robles, Concejal de La Granja
Elizabeth Henríquez, Concejal de Lo Espejo
Camila Donato, Concejal de Macul
Eduardo Cancino, Concejal de Pedro Aguirre Cerda
Gloria Rodríguez, Concejal de Pedro Aguirre Cerda
Nelson Cornejo, Concejal de Pedro Aguirre Cerda
Gustavo Arias, Concejal de San Joaquín
Erika Martínez, Concejal de San Miguel
Max Pardo Ramírez, Concejal de San Ramón


María Paz Santibañez, pianista
Roberto Márquez, músico, director Illapu.
Jorge Coulón, músico, director, Inti Illimani
Amaro Labra, músico, director Sol y lluvia.
Juan Ayala, músico, director Juana Fe.
Max Berrú, músico, director Los insorbornables.
Ricardo Silva músico y folklorista, Los Republicanos de la Cueca.
Daniel Cantillana, músico, compositor, director “Los Increibles”
Patricio Wang, Compositor, intérprete, Director musical Quilapayún.
José Seves, músico, cantautor, integrante Inti Illimani histórico
Rodolfo Parada, director artístico Quilapayún
Nora Blanco, folcklorista
Jorge Yañez, folcklorista
José Ahumada, Director Grupo Preludio
Francisco Villa, trovador, colectivo liberarte
Cecilia Concha, trovadora, colectivo liberarte
José Cid Sánchez, productor artístico, artista popular
Juan Francisco Lastra, productor artístico, trovador
Felipe Zurita, músico Banda Quitra
Max Vivar Coloma, vocalista Banda Musical Villa Cariño
Lalo Meneses, Músico
Ana María Miranda, cantante, artista popular
Amaro Paredes, artista popular
Catalina Rojas, cantante, artista popular
Felipe Aranda Caballero, compositor, artista popular
Alexandra Acuña, cantautora chilena
Rodrigo Sepúlveda, Cantor popular
Edgard Barrera, Moreno, Cantautor
Paul Haute, cantautor
Juan Bautista Rodríguez ,Artista plástico
Alejandro González, (mono González), Muralista
Alejandro Goic, Actor
Julio Falcón, Actor
Julio Yung, Actor
Carlos Villagrán, Actor
Ana María López, actriz
Roberto Cárcamo, Actor
Anita Jorquera, Actriz
Poli Délano, escritor
Guillermo Rodríguez Morales, escritor, ex preso político
Gustavo Adolfo Becerra, escritor


Bárbara Figueroa, Presidenta Central Unitaria de Trabajadores
Arturo Martínez, Secretario General Central Unitaria de Trabajadores
Horacio Fuentes, Presidente CONTRAMET
Roberto Bustamante, Secretario General CONTRAMET
Etiel Moraga, Consejero de la CUT
Guillermo Salinas, Encargado de Organización de la CUT
Lorena Pizarro, Presidenta Agrupación de Familiares Detenidos Desaparecidos
Alicia Lira, Presidenta Agrupación Familiares Ejecutados Políticos
Liliana Castillo Rogers, Dirigenta Nacional DD.HH. Presidenta Agrupación Nacional Familiares de presos políticos en dictadura
Manuel Jacques, Abogado
Osvaldo Hollstein, Abogado
Florencio Pardo Montenegro, Abogado


Renato Millas de la Maza, ex preso político
Katia Espejo Gómez, ex dirigente estudiantil en dictadura
Erika Flores Castillo, Observador DD.HH
Nadina Moreda, Abogada
Camila Carrasco Hidalgo, Administradora Pública
Hernán Morales Faúndez, Ingeniero en informática
Jaime Alvarez, Gestor cultural, San Joaquín
Natalia Oviedo,, Productora y Gestora Cultural
Dilcia Mendoza Videla, Sicóloga
Leda Zamorano, Educadora
Juan Reinberg
Cristián Meneses Torres, Consultor SAP
Claudio Cortinez Gandur, empresario gráfico
Edison Van de Perre, diseñador gráfico
Alfredo Vielma Vidal, estudiante, ex vocero ACES 2011
Lorena Pérez Inda, profesora diferencial
Cecilia Núñez Goyoaga, gerente comercial, ASWAN Electricidad
Camilo Millas Mandiola, estudiante de teatro
Ximena de la Maza de la Maza, familiar de detenido desaparecido
José Fernández Olate,médico general, especialista medicina familiar
Moisés Galeas García, ingeniero de sonido
Juan Silva Landeros, terapeuta
Camila González Salinas, estudiante
Marcos Albornoz, sonidista
Eduardo Fuentes, Comité de Solidaridad con Cuba, Gladys Marin Domingo Duarte
Domingo Duarte Vargas
Inés Vargas Vergara
Sergio Robinson Orrego Vargas
Patricia Orrego Vargas
Claudia Alvarez
Gloria Núñez Hoffman, Profesora Universidad de La Serena
Biky Contardo
Claudio Ibarra Hormazabal
José Valdivia, secretario ejecutivo ONG Arturo Baeza
Marcela González Paredes
Sarai Soto, estudiante periodismo
Alejandro Masmar, cultor cancionero latinoamericano
Viola Carrillo Nova
Adelina Guiñez Matamala
Gabriela Venegas Escorza
Evelyn Guzmán
Claudio López
José Silvino Fernández, Médico
Angy Ahumada Campusano

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