Judge Claudia House Morcom Presente!

Judge Claudia House Morcom died in her home on the morning of Sept. 17. We will always remember her commitment to freeing the Cuban 5. From the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva, in front of the White House picketing, speaking at tribunals in 06Feb14 Claudia and RobertoToronto or before Detroit’s City Council to successfully urge a resolution for freedom for the Cuban 5 and to end to the blockade, she was a true friend to justice. Only last November she participated in the IX Colloquium in Holguin, Cuba.

She is listed in the Who’s Who Among African Americans. Although she couldn’t travel south for the 50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer this spring, she was remembered in Mississippi for her role as a young lawyer who served from September 1964 to October 1965 as Southern Regional Director for the National Lawyers Guild’s program of legal defense for the youth arrested in the pivotal voter registration struggle.

Dignified, glamorously beautiful and generous with her time, wisdom and counsel, she didn’t fear speaking truth to power whether the struggle for justice appeared on a global stage or closer to home in Detroit . Through out her long and well lived life, she was on the side of the righteous, especially that of Cuba and freedom for the Cuban 5.

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