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Judge Claudia Morcom, Presente!

Message from the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5

We would like to add our voice to the international tributes and that of the progressive U.S. movement honoring Judge Claudia Morcom and her long life in the struggle for a better world. We will never forget her winning smile that was part of her determination that real justice be served.

A young African-American woman attorney Claudia Morcom served as the National Lawyers Guild Southern Regional Director for legal assistance in Jackson, Mississippi coordinating the legal defense during Freedom Summer 1964, fifty years ago. She arrived in Jackson the day after Michael Schwerner, James Chaney and Andrew Goodman disappeared and later found slain. That fearlessness to do what it needed for justice was the hallmark of her entire life.

From 2006 when she became aware of the case of the Cuban 5 and traveled to the Appeals Hearing in the 11th Circuit Court in Atlanta until her death, she traveled, spoke and involved people from her diverse networks to call for their freedom in every way she could.

Judge Claudia worked with us in a number of projects in the campaign for the freedom of the Cuban 5 and was a valuable asset to this case that is a travesty to all sense of fairness. Last year Judge Claudia came to help us in Washington, D.C. for 5 days for the Cuban 5 and added considerable prestige and strength to our lobbying efforts on Capital Hill.

We will always remember that not even a year ago in November 2013 she was with us in Holguin, Cuba at the Ninth Colloquium for the Cuban 5 and chose to be on the lead banner of the march through that city calling for their release.

We will miss Judge Claudia Morcom, but the best way to honor her will be to carry on in all the work that was important to her.

Judge Claudia Morcom, Presente!

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