Project Censored 2008 includes a chapter titled Media Bias and the Case of the Cuban Five

HAVANA, Cuba, May 13 (acn) The director of U.S Project Censored,
Peter Philips, is in Cuba attending a three-day conference to mark the 50th
anniversary of the murder in Havana of Ecuadorian Journalist Carlos
Bastidas and Freedom of the Press Day, an event called by UNESCO.

During the Havana Conference, which was attended on Monday by Cuban
Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon, Philips addressed participants
about the work of the media in the United States. He explained how
corporate media silences lots of stories which are in the main
interest of the US people. He said, unpublished details on 9-11, and the case
of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters held in US prisons, among other
stories, are very clear examples.

Founded by Carl Jensen in 1976, Project Censored is a media research
program with the Sonoma State University, working in cooperation with
numerous independent media groups in the US.

Through a partnership of faculty, students, and the community,
Project Censored conducts research on important national news stories that
are underreported, ignored, misrepresented, or censored by the US
corporate media.

Each year, Project Censored publishes a ranking of the top 25 most
censored nationally important news stories in the yearbook, Censored:
Media Democracy in Action, which is released in September, according
to the project's website.

The three-day Conference on Free Press Rights that began Monday in
Havana comes to a close on Wednesday. It is dedicated to Ecuadorian
reporter Carlos Bastidas Arguello, who was the last journalist murdered
in Cuba, May 13, 1958, at the hands of a henchman of the former
Fulgencio Batista dictatorship.

Bastidas was 23 when he traveled to Cuba as a special correspondent
to cover events related to the guerrilla fight led by Fidel Castro and
rebel troops on the Sierra Maestra Mountain Range.

The Conference is being attended by the President of the Cuban Union
of Journalists Tubal Paez and other executives, plus a large number of
reporters and journalists from Cuba and Ecuador.

According to Project Censored website, www.projectcensored .org, the
top 25 censored stories for 2008, out of more than 700 include: No
Habeas Corpus for "Any Person", Bush Moves Toward Martial Law,
AFRICOM: US Military Control of Africa's Resources,among others on the list.