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 The Untold Story of the Cuban Five: I through XVI

 Alicia Alonso ask Obama to free the 5

Seann Penn and Benicio del Toro add their names to Actors and Artists Campaing


Danny Glover visits Gerardo Hernandez at USP Victorville

(LCLAA) supports humanitarian visas for Adriana and Olga

Information Note on Gerardo Hernandez

Emergency Appeal for Gerardo Hernandez

Alarcon Denounces Unexplained Punishment of Gerardo

The Nation:
Free the Cuban Five!

Wayne Smith: Cuban Five – US Shame and how to end it

Original Prison Paintings by Antonio Guerrero Presented at US Social Forum

Morning Star: Political victims

Ramón Labañino relocated to a medium security prison

Cuban Five Highlighted at US Social Forum in Detroit

Interview with Lawrence Wilkerson on the Cuban Five

Interview with Leonard Weinglass on habeas corpus petition for Gerardo Hernandez

The Cuban 5 at the USSF in Detroit

Collateral Appeal Presented for Gerardo Hernández

Mexican Senator Demands Release of the Cuban Five

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa Supports Release of the Cuban Five

Ramon Labañino: Another Birthday in Prison

Case of the Cuban 5 Wives at the UN Human Rights Council (HRC)

Reading from the Cell

Gerardo: believing in hope

Another Look at an Old Case?

Ask the US government; allow two Cubans to visit their husbands in US jails

Breaking the Blockade of Silence-L.A. Art and Advocacy for the Cuban 5

Artwork of Antonio Guerrero Brightens up a Former Jail

Press Conference on U.S. Covert Propaganda and Secret Payments to Miami Journalists     

Press Release: Weekend of Solidarity with the Cuban 5 in Los Angeles Area

Cuban Five case at the UN Security Council General Debate

Hikers’ Moms Go to Iran — What about Wives of the Cuban Five?

Defeating the Lie and the Silence

ALBA Countries Wants Cuban 5 Free

Cuban Prisoners, Here and There

Swedish women appeal to Michelle Obama on behalf of Adriana and Olga

Gerardo Hernandez’s cartoon responded to lies against Cuba

Cuban 5 Events in Los Angeles

The Cuban 5: Washington’s Double Standards

Postcard Campaign Generates Worldwide Interest

Calle 13 Band Leader Says the Cuban Five Must Return Home

U.S. continues promoting anti-Cuban terrorism: Cuban parliament leader

President Correa Criticizes Imprisonment of Cuban5 in US

US City Opens Doors to Cuban 5

Cuban 5 Case Must Be Retaken, Cuba States

US Personalities Demand Humanitarian Visas for Wives of the Cuban 5

BBC Viewpoint: Cuban Five

US Public Opinion Key to Freeing the Cuban Five

Please, Read the Transcripts!  

Ukranian Organizations Sent Letter to Obama

Declaration on the Cuban 5 by South African Laureate Nadine Gordimer

Argentina Demands Humanitarian Visas for Olga and Adriana

International Campaign for the Right of Family Visits

Nobel Laureate reiterates her solidarity with the Cuban Five

The case of the Cuban Five is still largely unknown to most Americans

Swedish Radio Station Spreads News About Cuban Five

Strong Support for Cuban Five at National Latino Congreso

City Council Member of NY Dist. 42 joined struggle for the Cuban 5

Howard Zinn, a Historian for the People

Antonio Guerrero’s Touring exhibit to Kentucky on February

South African Pres.Sends Solidarity Message with the Cuban Five

The Cuban Five Sent Messages to People of Haiti

William Blum on the Cuban Five

Building the Struggle in 2010 to Free the Cuban Five

From the top of Aconcagua, Free the Cuban 5

Sign Petition to ask President Obama to grant visas to wives of Cuban 5

US Government Denies Humanitarian Parole to Olga Salanueva

Argentineans to Climb Highest Peak in the Americas for the Cuban Five

Countries Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America demand the immediate liberation of Cuban 5

Concluded the resentencing process for Antonio, Fernando and Ramon

The bird and the prisoner

Freeing the Truth: International Colloquium for the Cuban 5

Cuban 5 at the SOA

5th International Colloquium Final Declaration

Venezuela granted Simon Bolivar Order, first class, to the Cuban Five

Canadian United Steelworkers’ letter to US President Obama on Cuban Five case 

Cuban Parliament President Says Obama Can and Should Release the Cuban 5

Olga Salanueva, Wife of Cuban Five will Attend Conference in Tijuana, Mexico

Hasta Siempre Carmen, Mother of Gerardo

Mensaje de Gerardo Hernández: “El mejor homenaje a mi madre es mantenernos firmes en la lucha”

The Mother of Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo, Hero of the Republic of Cuba has died.

The San Francisco Labor Council Passes a Resolution in Support of the Cuba Five.

Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs Receives Relatives of the Cuban FIve

New date of the Sentencing hearings for Fernando González and Ramón Labañino

The Case of the Cuban Five: American Justice as a Political Weapon


A Tiny Yellow Pencil by Arnold August


Antonio Guerrero Sends a New Poem from Miami to all his Supporters


Declaration of the U.S. Movement in Solidarity with the Cuban Five

Judge imposed 22-year sentence to Antonio Guerrero

The Washington Post: Resentencings in U.S. Reignite Passions Over the ‘Cuban 5’

Resentencing Hearings of Ramón and Fernando postponed

Another US City Passes a Resolution in Support of the Cuban 5

400 call for justice for the Cuban Five and their families at US Embassy Vigil in London

Two Northern California Events Features the Cuban Five

US Resists Disclosures in Cuban Five case

Judge blocks US disclosures in Cuban 5 case

Resolution on the Cuban Five passed at the 10th National Congress of COSATU

All Indian Lawyers Union asks Obama to free the Cuban Five

The Cuban Five Case in the Final Session of the Sixty-Third Session of the General Assembly

Noam Chomsky on the Cuban Five: “A High Mountain to Climb”

New Call of International Solidarity with the Cuban Five

Today, Can We Believe in Change? An Open Letter to President Obama

Alice Walker YouTube on Cuban Five

Interview with Attorney Richard Klugh on Cuban Five case

Cuba protests US visa denial to Gerardo’s wife in a letter to UN Secretary-General

The American Federation of Teachers, Local 2121, Passes a Resolution in Support of the Cuban Five

The Cuban Five’s Defense Team Says the Battle for the Case Continues

A State Department at the Service of Petty Interests:
Visa Denial as a Form of Torture

Alice Walker Speaks at Opening of original paintings by Antonio Guerrero in Berkeley, California

President of ILWU local 10, Sends Letter to Hillary Clinton Demanding a Visa for Adriana Perez

Int. Appeal to Stop US Human Rights Violation of Cuban 5

President of the Women’s International Democratic Federation demands release of the Cuban 5

ILWU President sends letter to Hillary Clinton demanding visa for Adriana Perez

Federation of Cuban Women: In the Name of Adriana

US State Department denied again a visa to Adriana, Gerardo’s wife

Attorneys for the Cuban Five on case’s perspectives

Cuban Five Visitation Rights for Adriana Pérez:
Obama and Clinton Must Change their Position

THE NATION: Alexander Cockburn on the Cuban Five

Cuban 5 remain “a formidable obstacle” to normalizing bilateral relations

US Personalities React to Supreme Court Decision not to Review the case of the Cuban Five

US Reverend Demands Justice for the Cuban Five

Cuban Writers and Artists Ask US Peers to Spread the Truth about the Cuban Five

Rene Gonzalez ‘s Message on the US Supreme Court’s Refusal to Hear their Appeal

Democracy Now: Ricardo Alarcón on US Supreme Court’s Refusal to Hear Appeal of Cuban Five

Press Statement from the Int’l Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five

What Happened to Checks and Balances? Arnold August

Statement of the Presidency of Cuba’s National Assembly on the US Supreme Court’ decision

President Evo Morales gave Postage Stamp in Solidarity with the Cuban Five to their relatives

NLG Chairwoman Backs Cuban 5 at the Int’l  Association of Democratic Lawyers

Humanity Demands Review of Cuban Five Case

Japanese lawyer: United States Has Violated the Cuban Five’s Right to a Fair Trial

Telephone conversation with Gerardo Hernandez (Part V)

Interview to Leonard Weinglass on the Cuban 5

Telephone conversation with Gerardo Hernandez (Part IV)

Alarcón: “Yes, Obama can do things, and free “The Cuban Five.”

Cuban Five Send Greetings for “Mothers Day”

March in Uruguay for the release of the Cuban Five

Telephone conversation with Gerardo Hernandez from the U.S. prison (Part III)

Prestigious Chilean women asked Michelle Obama to Help Cuban Five

One thousand postcards from Lebanon were sent to President Obama

The City Council of Richmond unanimously passes a Resolution in support of the Cuban 5

Telephone conversation with Gerardo Hernandez Part II

Telephone conversation with Gerardo Hernandez Part I

Freeing “Cuban Five” will be a win-win for Obama

Cuban Five Awarded Brazilian Resistance Medal

El Consejo de la Ciudad de Richmond aprueba unanimamente resolucion en apoyo a los 5

Visas request for wives of Cuban Delivered to the U.S. Interests Section in Cuba

Urgent Action for Visas for Families of the Cuban Five

A Historical Roadmap for Liberating the Cuban Five Gesture For Gesture

OPEN LETTER: Seeking justice for the murder of Fabio
Di Celmo, innocent victim of terrorism.  

Amnesty International issues new campaign on visas for Adriana Perez

and Olga Salanueva

Russian Nobel Physics Prize winner feels honored for all Nobel Laureates winners who supported the Cuban 5

International Commission demands visas for Family Members of the Cuban 5

Amicus Curiae in Support of the Cuban Five

Right to visas for Adriana and Olga as part of the Celebration of International Women’s Day Richmond, California

Amicus Curiae Briefs filed with the US Supreme Court Show Worldwide Support on Behalf of the Cuban Five

International Support Urging Supreme Court Review Case of the Cuban 5

Mexican House Requests Review of the Cuban Five Case

Canadian Union of Postal Workers sends letter to Obama in support of the Cuban 5

The February 25, 2009 U.S. Human Rights Report and the Cuban Five

Actor Peter Coyote and the Cuban Five

Mexican Senate Intercedes with US Supreme Court on Behalf of the Cuban Five

Update on the Postcard Campaign to President Obama to Free the Five

World Personalities Demand Freedom for the Cuban Five in letter to Barack Obama

Interview with Cuban Five Attorney Thomas Goldstein in Democracy Now

Open letter for Attorney General Eric Holder from Livio DiCelmo

Cuban Five’s lawyers filed petition with the US Supreme Court

ILWU sent letter to Obama in support of the Cuban Five

Appeal for “Cuban 5” Heads to Supreme Court      


Canadian Writer sent letter to Prime Minister in support of the Cuban 5

Cuba: Remain in effect proposal of exchanging the Cuban Five

US authorities maintains obstacles for regular family visits for the Cuban Five

Entrevista a Magalis Llort por el Autor Canadiense Arnold August

New postal address for Gerardo Hernandez

Message from Rene Gonzalez to supporters of the Five

Interview with Cuban Five attorney Richard Klugh

Greetings from the Cuban Five to supporters around the world

International Meeting for the Cuban Five in Tijuana, Mexico

Canadian Author Arnold August sent letter to US Ambassador to Canada, on rigth of family visits for the Cuban 5

WATCH: New Leaders Hold Fate of Cuban 5 

SEIU sent letter to President Bush on Visitation Rights issue

Father Michael Lapsley, visits Gerardo Hernandez


Cuba demands before the Security Council the release of the Cuban 5

Indian intellectuals and artists sent a letter to the UN Secretary General demanding freedom of the Cuban Five

Nigerian Nobel Prize Winner Supports Cause of the Cuban Five

Mexican Senate passed a Point of Agreement on the Cuban Five

Terrorists in Miami and the questionable connections to bombers and assassins of the McCain campaign

A Bridge of Solidarity An exhibit of Antonio Guerrero

The Guardian Interview to wives of the Cuban Five: It’s a form of torture’

500 attend US Embassy vigil in London

BBC News: Celebrities appeal for Cuban Five

Solidarity Message from Gerardo Hernandez on 10th Anniversary

140th Trade Union Congress (UK) passed resolution in solidarity with the Cuban Five

Message of Solidarity for the Cuban Five from the Hostosiano National Independentista Movement (spanish)

Successful Concert in NY for the Freedom of the Cuban Five 

Full Page Ad in El Diario La Prensa of NY Demands Freedom for the Cuban Five

Atlanta Court denied appeal in the case of the Cuban Five

“Five Stars and One Song” Concert – Media Advisory

Message from Rene Gonzalez on 10th Anniversary of the Cuban Five’s Arrest

Leonard Weinglass at the Chilean Central University

Parliamentary Confederation of the Americas (COPA) for the Cuban Five

Concert in U.S. with World-renowned Latin Performers for the Cuban Five

National Demonstrations on September 13 in Washington DC in support of the Cuban Five

Demonstration in Boston in Support  of the Cuban Five

Thousands of Petitions to be Delivered to Washington DC on September 12

Internationally renowned personalities demand right of visas for the Cuban Five

President of the Cuban Parliament Denounces Corruption in Case against Cuban Five

Vice-president of Mexican Senate Demands Visas for Adriana and Olga

The Case of the Cuban Five was present at the Third National Latino Congreso in Los Angeles, California

For the ninth time Olga Salanueva has been denied a US visa to visit her husband

American personalities express their opinion on humanitarian visas for Olga and Adriana

56 Quebec and Canadian parliamentarians sign a letter demanding justice for the Five and their families

Cuban lawmakers adopted a declaration supporting the cause of the five anti-terrorist fighters held in US jails

We Will Never Stop Fighting, said one of the Cuban Five Ramon Labañino Salazar

(English and Spanish)

Canadian Peace Congress condemns US Court Decision upholding Cuban Five conviction

Latin-American Parliamentarians in Panama for the release of the Cuban Fivee

Statement from the Int’l Association of Democratic Lawyers about Cuban Five Court of Appeals Decision

Parliament’s Int’l Relations Commission condemns Atlanta court ruling against Cuban Five

Interview with Attorney Leonard Weinglass about the ruling from Atlanta Court of Appeals

International Committee’s Response to the Atlanta Appeals Court Ruling

Eleventh Circuit Court Ratifies Condemnation of The Five

The National Lawyers Guild believes that politics influenced yesterday’s federal appeals court decision upholding the convictions of Cuban

Ramón Labañino transferred to USP McCreary, Kentucky

Amnesty International 2008 Report on Human Rights Violations by the U.S. Government refers to the case of the Cuban Five

Geoff Bottoms, a Catholic Priest from England, visits Fernando Gonzalez,  one of the Cuban Five

U.S. Project Censored Exchanges With Cuban Journalists during Havana Conference.

Ibero-American Union of Colleges and Associations of Lawyers (UIBA) keeps the Cuban Five case on its agenda

A letter from Maruchi Guerrero about an incident at USP Florence, Colorado.

Parliament of the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) passed declaration of solidarity with the Cuban Five

Petition on behalf of the Cuban five signed by high officials of the Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association

Cuban Five Case Discussed at French Senate

Chilean Jurist Denounces Violations in Case of Cuban Five

Arnold August’s California tour exposed US misinformation about Cuban Democracy and the Cuban Five

First leg of Arnold August’s California tour exposed US misinformation about Cuban Democracy and the Cuban Five

Pronouncement in Support of the U.N. Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

The just demand for the right of family visits for the Cuban Five presented in Richmond, California

Condoleezza Rice Asked to Intervene For Two Cuban Women

Richmond, California Mayor Gayle McLaughlin and a number of local groups, including the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five…


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