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They Are Finally Home!

This morning after more than 16 years, the 3 remaining members of the Cuban 5 were finally freed and are now home in Cuba with their loved ones.  Gerardo has now been reunited with Adriana, Ramon is back with Elizabeth and his 3 beautiful daughters and Antonio is with his mother Mirta, the 84 year old tireless inspiration of this struggle, who feared she would die before she saw her son back in Cuba. And of course they are now reunited with their 2 other brothers, Rene and Fernando.

 This is a moment in which everyone in the solidarity movement with Cuba can rejoice. It is also a victory for the resilient people of Cuba who never wavered in their support for the Five who were always considered heroes of the homeland.

The Cuban 5 spent their time in prison with great dignity and energy and they always made it clear to us that their case was a political struggle that needed a broad movement to be victorious. And that is exactly what happened. What began as a small number grew into a formidable international movement that continued to gain momentum and influence to the point that the pressure was too much for the U.S. government to bare.  

The Cuban 5 spent 16 too-long-years in U.S. prisons but today shows that with a collective struggle of the people justice will prevail.

International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5

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